One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 3 -- 22 March, 2023

Matt Hofmann of Westland Returns to Talk Solum and Barley

You know it's going to be a great episode when Westland Distillery's very own Matt Hofmann is a guest! What makes this episode even more greaterer is the boys get ultra geeky about barley, the grain commodity system, and, perhaps most importantly, Westland's "Solum" release -- their first ever whisky which used barley peated with Washington State peat. An achievement that was almost 11 years in the making!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 2 -- 8 March, 2023

Felicia and Stephanie Ohnmacht of Whiskey Sisters Supply

Happy International Women's Day! On today's episode Joshua and Jason welcome Felicia and Stephanie Ohnmacht from Whiskey Sister Supply.

Whiskey Sisters Supply is a Colorado grains brokerage firm who supply grains from Colorado farmers to Colorado distilleries and maltsters to craft top-notch spirits. There were also a treat to have on the padcost.

Though Joshua was unable to join in on the conversation, Jason did his part to hold down the interview fort. Thankfully Felicia and Stephanie, as amazing guests, made his job easy.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 1 -- 22 February, 2023

Victoria Eady Butler, Master Blender, Nearest Green Distillery

We're kicking off Season 7 of One Nation Under Whisky with the one and only Victoria Eady Butler.

Victoria is not only Whisky Magazine's 2021 & 2022's Master Blender of the year she's also the great-great grand daughter of Nathan "Nearest" Green, the father of the Lincoln County Process, a process integral to any Tennessee whisky wanting to call itself, in fact, 'Tennessee' whisky!

This was a wonderful conversation with Victoria and one, we think, is worthy of a season opener. We trust you'll agree!

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