One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 26 -- 7 Feb, 2024

7th Annual Mailbag Episode and Season 7 Finale

The One Nation Under Whisky 7th annual Mailbag Episode is here! Thanks to all who sent questions in. We wish we could answer all your questions in this one episode but there are only so many hours in a day... Thanks again and see you in a couple weeks with our season 8 opener!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 25 -- 24 Jan, 2024

Susannah Skiver Barton returns for our 2024 Year in Preview

A tradition we're keen on keeping is having the inimitable Susannah Skiver Barton on the padcost for the annual Year in Preview episode.

In today's episode we not only revisit our thoughts from last year (to see if what was predicted came true) but we look ahead to what may be in store for the wide world of whisky for 2024.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 24 -- 10 Jan, 2024

Andrew Dane, CEO of Artisanal Spirits Co and details SCN joining the ASC family!

Chances are by now you've heard the (amazing!) news that Single Cask Nation has joined the Artisanal Spirits Company family of brands which includes the Scotch Malt Whisky Society & J.G. Thompson.

Listen in to hear from (and about) Andrew Dane, CEO of ASC regarding this big news!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 23 -- 27 Dec, 2023

2023 Year in Review!

Our 7th Annual Year in Review episode is here! The agenda? Joshua, Jason, and Jess discuss their favorite:

  • One Nation Under Whisky episode/interview
  • Event of the year
  • Non-SCN whiskies of the year
  • Most notable distillery of the year
  • SCN whiskies of 2023 (all while drinking as much as was needed to ensure this episode was their best Year in Review episode to date!).

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 22 -- 13 Dec, 2023

Whisky Sisters Supply, Felicia & Stephanie Return!

At the beginning of 2023 Joshua & Jason committed themselves to put a sharper focus on agriculture and how it relates to whisky (which is an agricultural product after all).

Having Felicia and Stephanie Ohnmacht return to the Padcost to give us an update on how mother nature has treated them and their business in 2023 only makes good sense. Plus, we love having them on.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 21 -- 29 Nov, 2023

Matt Johns of New Zealand’s Pokeno Distillery

Get ready for one hell of a whisky-geeky conversation with the wonderful Matt Johns of New Zealand's Pokeno Distillery. Seriously, that's all we're going to say.

Listen in, y'all! You will not be disappointed!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 20 -- 15 Nov, 2023

Live Padcost from Westland Distillery with Ana Hinz & Tyler Pederson

One of the nice things about having Covid (mostly) behind us is we get to travel and do live Padcost recordings again.

Listen in as Joshua, Jason, and Jess discuss all things Westland with Ana Hinz, Business Development Manager, and Tyler Pederson, Distillery Manager and Master Distiller.

We also taste through Westland's Flagship bottling, their new Garryana 8, and Single Cask Nation's new Peated Westland 9yo from a Pineau des Charentes cask.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 19 -- 1 Nov, 2023

Mike Vacheresse of Travel Bar

Joshua sits down with the inimitable Mike Vacheresse of Travel Bar in Brooklyn to discuss the evolution of his whisky (and cocktail) focused neighborhood bar in Brooklyn.

While, yes, Travel Bar is a neighborhood bar it's also a destination spot for those in the whisky-know. Oh, you don't know Travel Bar? Well, tune in and plan your trip for a little bit-o-whisky mecca!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 18 -- 18 Oct, 2023

David Cover discusses M&H Distillery

Firstly, to hell with Hamas and terrorism. We stand with Israel as well as innocent Palestinians caught in the middle. May the fighting end soon and peace prevail.

On to happier news: Our good friend David Cover has left Penderyn and has joined M&H Distillery. Listen in as he shares his thoughts on world whiskies and details a number of amazing things going on at the M&H distillery since it was announced their Elements Sherry release made Whisky of the Year by World Whisky Awards.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 17 -- 4 Oct, 2023

J&J’s Top 10 American Whiskies

The internet is full of quick attention grabbing listicles. Top 5 this, top 10 that, etc..

Joshua & Jason decide to join in on the fun and share their top American whiskies. 5 from Joshua, 5 from Jason. Perhaps there's a new bottle for you in their list? Listen in to find out!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 16 -- 20 Sept, 2023

Alan Winchester and Jonathan Christie Discuss the Cabrach Project and Distillery

During a recent trip to Scotland Joshua, Jason and Jess visit the location of the future Cabrach distillery to discuss the Cabrach Trust as well as the land and its history.

The Cabrach is home to a rich history of distilling (both illicit and legal). The Cabrach Distillery will cast an eye back to the distilling of yesteryear as, besides to double pot stills it will house, it will feature a very unusual still called "The Buck".

Listen in as the 3 J's discuss all this with The Cabrach's Chief Executive Jonathan Christie and its Master of Malt, Alan Winchester. Yes, of The Glenlivet fame.

There may even be a secret guest popping in to say hello toward the end of the padcost!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 15 -- 6 Sept, 2023

Gabrielle Dion of The Mixing Glass

Joshua and Jason welcome Gabrielle Dion of The Mixing Glass (in Costa Mesa California) to the padcost. Gabrielle and Jason discuss all the challenges of selling spirits in 2023, cocktails, crappy allocation deals, etc.. this is one you will not want to miss!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 14 -- 23 Aug, 2023

William Dobbie, Commercial Director, Isle of Raasay distillery

Joshua and Jason welcome William Dobbie, Commercial Director of Isle of Raasay Distillery to the padcost.

Though a newer distillery, Isle of Raasay has made quite the splash in the whisky world. From being highlighted in Dave Broom's newer book "A Sense of Place' to being awarded Distillery of the year in 2022.

There's a lot to unpack here and Joshua and William discuss it all over a couple beers!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 13 -- 9 Aug, 2023

Felipe Schrieberg on Whisky Journalism and Rhythm & Booze (his IB company and record label)

Occasionally worlds collide due to happenstance but, more often than not, it's because someone endeavored to make worlds collide.

In today's episode Joshua and Jason talk with Felipe Schrieberg regarding, in part, his whisky journalism, but also his independent bottling and record company, Rhythm & Booze where Felipe and his friend/business partner, and bandmate, Paul Archibald, combine music and whisky in a lovely and thoughtful way.

Worlds colliding, indeed!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 12 -- 26 July, 2023

Discussing Auctions with Jess Lomas and SwedeScot

In the first of a few conversations regarding auctions, Joshua and Jason talk to their dear friends, Jess Lomas and Christoffer "SwedeScot" Hällström , who've both had quite a history in online auctions. Jess came to Single Cask Nation from a job at an auction and SwedeScot still works for one. If anyone is going to have insight, it'd be these two!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 11 -- 12 July, 2023

Bikram Singh discusses Independent Bottlings and DTC

While Jason was off galavanting in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest Joshua spent some time with the inimitable Bikram Singh, owner of Norfolk Wine & Spirits in Norfolk Massachusetts which is, perhaps, the largest single store outlet in the US focusing independently bottled spirits.

Bikram and Joshua discuss both Indy bottlings as well as what the various futures of DTC (direct to consumer shipping) could look like for retail shop owners. We also get to hear Birkam's whisky origin story which is really quite fun!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 10 -- 28 June, 2023

Thad Vogler, Author, By the Smoke & the Smell

Jason travels to San Francisco to meet with Thad Vogler, owner of Bar Agricole, and author of By the Smoke & the Smell, and the two of them share a remarkable conversation that must not be missed!

Add to that, Jessica "Rabbit" Lomas joins Joshua in hosting duties whilst Jason is away at the Selway Bitterroot saving the forest with good whisky friends and his son. Seriously, you will not want to miss this episode.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 9 -- 14 June, 2023

Joshua & Jason catch up, terroir, and Macbeth whisky!

Straight and to the point here: Joshua and Jason catch up to further their discussion of terroir, June drinkers (ha!), and begin to taste through the Macbeth Series of whiskies from The Whisky Exchange. Huge thanks to Ollie Chilton for the samples!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 8 -- 31 May, 2023

Jeff Bloem & Amanda Beckwith discuss the art and process behind malting

In an effort to learn more -- because that's the point of life, no? To learn more? -- Jason and Joshua welcome Jeff Bloem from Murphy & Rude Malting to the podcast as well as a special co-host of sorts, Amanda Beckwith of Virginia Distillery Company. Together the team tackle some of the more difficult yet fun concepts behind the art and process of malting!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 7 -- 17 May, 2023

Holly Seidewand & Anthony Levenson discuss the world of retail and DTC (direct to consumer) sales

Earlier this year Joshua & Jason's dear friend, Holly Seidewand, co-proprietor of the whisky-centric shop: First Fill Spirits, wrote in off the back of our "Year in Preview" episode with Susannah Skiver Barton. The topic? DTC (direct to consumer) sales. Based on her thoughtful email the boys knew we had to have Holly back on the padcost.

This time around the boys invited their friend Anthony Levenson, too, so he should shed additional light on the world of retail liquor sales & DTC. Anthony runs the spirits side of the business at Roma Wines in NYC. He's also a helluva guy.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 6 -- 3 May, 2023

Bill Thomas of Jack Rose Returns!

Joshua has often said that Jason's first interview with Bill Thomas of Jack Rose Dining Saloon was one of the best interviews he's ever heard from any interviewer. If we're being honest, this conversation, while quite a bit different than the first, was just as good. This is as fly-on-the-wall a whisky conversation as you'll ever hear. We hope you enjoy!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 5 -- 19 April, 2023

Kurt Maitland, whisky writer, author, founder of Manhattan Whisky Club

Joshua and Jason welcome Kurt Maitland to One Nation Under Whisky Padcost. Kurt is a whisky writer, author, founder of Manhattan Whiskey Club, and, most importantly, a friend. Listen in as J&J talk with Kurt about cocktails, whisky, bottling, and so much more!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 4 -- 5 April, 2023

David Thompson of Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery discusses farming and Filey Bay Whisky

Joshua and Jason welcome David Thompson of Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery to the podcast and get into the geekier side of farming for malting barley. They also discuss the ins and outs of Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery and how they produce their whiskies: Filey Bay.

Strap in and get your Geek Hat on. It's about to get real up in here.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 3 -- 22 March, 2023

Matt Hofmann of Westland Returns to Talk Solum and Barley

You know it's going to be a great episode when Westland Distillery's very own Matt Hofmann is a guest! What makes this episode even more greaterer is the boys get ultra geeky about barley, the grain commodity system, and, perhaps most importantly, Westland's "Solum" release -- their first ever whisky which used barley peated with Washington State peat. An achievement that was almost 11 years in the making!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 2 -- 8 March, 2023

Felicia and Stephanie Ohnmacht of Whiskey Sisters Supply

Happy International Women's Day! On today's episode Joshua and Jason welcome Felicia and Stephanie Ohnmacht from Whiskey Sister Supply.

Whiskey Sisters Supply is a Colorado grains brokerage firm who supply grains from Colorado farmers to Colorado distilleries and maltsters to craft top-notch spirits. There were also a treat to have on the padcost.

Though Joshua was unable to join in on the conversation, Jason did his part to hold down the interview fort. Thankfully Felicia and Stephanie, as amazing guests, made his job easy.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 7, Ep 1 -- 22 February, 2023

Victoria Eady Butler, Master Blender, Nearest Green Distillery

We're kicking off Season 7 of One Nation Under Whisky with the one and only Victoria Eady Butler.

Victoria is not only Whisky Magazine's 2021 & 2022's Master Blender of the year she's also the great-great grand daughter of Nathan "Nearest" Green, the father of the Lincoln County Process, a process integral to any Tennessee whisky wanting to call itself, in fact, 'Tennessee' whisky!

This was a wonderful conversation with Victoria and one, we think, is worthy of a season opener. We trust you'll agree!

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