One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 26 -- 9 Feb, 2022

5th Annual Mailbag Episode!

The One Nation Under Whisky 5th annual Mailbag Episode is here! Thanks to all who sent questions in. We wish we could answer all your questions in this one episode but there are only so many hours in a day... Thanks again and see you in a couple weeks with our season 6 opener!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 25 -- 26 Jan, 2022

David Stirk and Mark Watt Return to discuss "Electric Coo, Two" and the Evolution of the Scotch Whisky industry

Really, do we need to say any more than that? Like, really?

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 24 -- 12 Jan, 2022

Peter Currie with Shand Import discusses Black Bull, Duncan Taylor, and more!

Five plus years ago, back when Joshua and Jason first set out to create One Nation Under Whisky, the boys vowed to ensure there would always be a focus on independent bottlers.

Not having anyone on to discuss Duncan Taylor and Black Bull was a failing on Joshua & Jason's part but this has now been remedied with today's conversation featuring the one and only Peter Currie!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 23 -- 29 Dec, 2021

5th annual "year in review"!

Our 5th Annual Year in Review episode is here! The agenda? Joshua and Jason discuss their favorite episode, SCN whiskies, and non-SCN whiskies of 2021 (all while drinking as much as was needed to ensure this episode was their best Year in Review episode to date!).

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 22 -- 15 Dec, 2021


What's better than spending a week traveling around the northeast US with two wonderful, talented, and hilarious Israelis? Really... not much.

Listen in as Tal Chotiner and Tomer Goren of M&H Distillery join Joshua Hatton for a rainy vehicular interview traveling through the beautiful state of Connecticut.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 21 -- 1 Dec, 2021

Mile Munroe, Head Distiller & Head Blender, Westward Distillery

Joshua and Jason are quite passionate about the category of American Single Malt Whisky and have been vocal supporters of the American Single Malt Whisky Commission (ASMWC) since its inception.

Having the opportunity to sit down with one of the ASMWC's founder members, Miles Munroe of Westward Distillery in Portland Oregon, was a treat and an honor.

Selecting a couple casks of his delicious single malt whisky with him, too, didn't suck. In fact, it was quite awesome.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 20 -- 17 Nov, 2021

Georgie Crawford, Distillery Manager, Elixir Distillers

The list of modern-day-legendary distillery managers is not a very long one and is only made complete by the inclusion of the inimitable Georgie Crawford.

Former Distillery Manager of both Lagavulin and Port Ellen distilleries, Georgie has recently joined the Elixir Distillers team as the distillery manager of their new Islay distillery which just recently broke ground. Stop everything you're doing and listen in. You'll not regret it!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 19 -- 3 Nov, 2021

Steve Magarry, Distillery Manager, Beenleigh Distillery plus details on a charitable SCN bottling

Every once in a while Joshua and Jason like to take a detour from whisky to dip a toe in another spirit. This time around the duo speak with the ever wonderful Steve Magarry, Distillery Manager, Beenleigh Artisan Rum Distillery. In addition to teaching the boys (and, you, the listener) about Australian Rum, Steve, Joshua, and Jason discuss the Single Cask Nation Beenleigh that will be released Thursday, November 4th for US Nation members.

Details are also given on a charitable bottling Joshua and Jason are doing for the Selway Bitterroot Frank Church Foundation (a lovely 16yo Croftengea from a bourbon hogshead).

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 18 -- 20 Oct, 2021

The Judgement of Westland

It's always nice to have our friends from the Westland Distillery join us on One Nation Under Whisky.

This time around Steve Hawley and Matt Hofmann challenge Joshua and Jason to a blind tasting to see if Scottish, American, Indian, and Australian single malt producers are creating whisky of an equal caliber from a quality standpoint.

If you're as terrible a blind taster as Joshua and Jason are, you're going to love this episode!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 17 -- 6 Oct, 2021

Billy Abbott, Author of The Philosophy of Whisky

Dear friend, dramming partner, Content and Training Manager at The Whisky Exchange, and now author of The Philosophy of Whisky joins Joshua and Jason once again for an unforgettable episode of One Nation Under Whisky.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 16 -- 22 Sept, 2021

Jason Parker & Jeff Kanof of Copperworks Distilling Company

Jason Parker, Co-Founder and President of Copperworks Distillery Company in Seattle WA, returns to the podcast but this time has the wonderful Jeff Kanof, Vice President & Co-Owner, in tow.

The two get Joshua and Jason caught up on all that's happening with their distillery but share news, too, on the status of a new category within the US: American Single Malt.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 15 -- 8 Sept, 2021

Amanda Beckwith, Lead Blender at Virginia Distillery Company

American Single Malt is really coming into its own (and thank goodness for that)! We've heard from Matt Hofmann from Westland, Jason Parker at Copperworks, and now it's time to hear about Virginia Distillery company from the wonderful Amanda Beckwith, their Lead Blender.

Jason spent a good afternoon with Amanda this summer and shared a wonderful conversation with her, too. Oh, yeah, also, pair reveal a secret on the podcast...

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 14 -- 25 August, 2021

Alex Bruce and Connal Mackenzie of Ardnamurchan & Adelphi

Alex Bruce of Adelphi and Ardnamurchan returns this time with Connal Mackenzie in tow. Joshua and Jason welcomes their dear Jess Lomas to the conversation and all together they discuss the ins and outs of Ardnamurchan distillery and independent bottling.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 13 -- 11 August, 2021

A very special project with Catoctin Creek and a Kilchoman cask

Jason sits down with the lovely Scott and Becky Harris of Catoctin Creek Distilling Company to discuss a very special project between Single Cask Nation, Catoctin Creek, and a PX sherry Kilchoman Cask. You'll not want to miss this episode!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 12 -- 28 July, 2021

Bruce Russell of Wild Turkey Returns!

Bruce Russell of Wild Turkey joins Joshua and Jason for a very long and in depth conversation. Among a host of other subjects Bruce discusses the Russell family dynamics when it comes to distilling and tradition. This is a very special conversation for all whisky lovers, not just for lovers of bourbon and rye whiskies.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 11 -- 14 July, 2021

Bill Thomas of Jack Rose Dining Saloon

Jason had a wonderfully in-depth conversation with Bill Thomas of Jack Rose Dining Saloon. Make time for yourself and listen in. You'll be happy you did.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 10 -- 30 June, 2021

Greg Swartz, Director, Water of Life -- a whisky film

Jason sits down for an in depth conversation with the one and only Greg Swartz, Director of The Water of Life -- A Whisky Film. Getting to understand him and his story telling was a true treat. We're so happy to share this conversation with you.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 9 -- 16 June, 2021

Leigh and Bree of Backwoods Distilling Return!

You may recall Leigh Attwood from Australia's Backwoods Distilling Co. from Season 3 Episode 3. He and his wife, Bree, were just a bit over a year into distilling at that time.

Joshua and Jason welcome Leigh back and were glad that he, Leigh, brought his wife, Bree, into the conversation. It's amazing what just 2.5 years can do in the evolution of a distillery. There's only one way to find out more...

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 8 -- 2 June, 2021

Bill Lumsden of Ardbeg and Glenmorangie Part 2 (of 3)!

As promised, when announcing the launch of Season 5 with Dr. Bill Lumsden, Joshua and Jason are welcoming back the inimitable Dr. Bill Lumsden of Ardbeg and Glenmorangie!

Today's conversation focuses on yeast, the construction of new products, the marketing of new products and *so* much more. Also, Dr. Bill drops the F bomb. A lot. Somehow more than Joshua!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 7 -- 19 May, 2021

Matt Hofmann of Westland Distillery Returns!

Westland Distillery's very own Matt Hofmann returns to discuss agriculture, barley malting, heirloom barley, new whiskies and whisky making with Joshua and Jason. As per usual when Matt Hofmann is on the podcast it gets geeky AF. Strap in, y'all!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 6 -- 5 May, 2021

Elijah Ammon joins SCN and together we drink 7 Mezcals

Joshua and Jason are proud to welcome Elijah Ammon to the SIngle Cask Nation team. Elijah's will be J&J Spirits' Sales Manager to the Americas.

We welcome Elijah by drinking 7 mezcals with him that he sent to us and the dear Jess Lomas' presence puts a bow on the whole get together!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 5 -- 21 April, 2021

Top 10 bottles that are a *must have* on your whisky shelves

In the last episode of Extra! Extra! It's All About Whisky!! Joshua and Jason discussed a top ten list of whiskies (between $150 - $200) as offered up by Uproxx.

After recording that episode they had the smarts to make their own list of top ten whisky but with no dollar amount attached to the list -- just a list of their must-haves for all whisky shelves. What are your must-have whisky bottles?

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 4 -- 7 April, 2021

Hamish Martin of Herb Garden Gin (Secret Garden Gin outside the US)

What an amazing conversation this was. Joshua and Jason sit down to discuss gin with Hamish Martin of Herb Garden Gin (known as Secret Garden Gin outside the US). While gin was in discussion the conversation with Hamish mostly focused on botany, wild swimming, gardening, teas, books, nature, and a wee bit of Scotch whisky history for good measure!

You'll not want to miss this episode!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 3 -- 24 March, 2021

Michael Jackson remembrance w/ Carolyn Smagalski, Hans Offringa, and Dave Broom

Michael Jackson -- no, not the dancing white glove wearing singer, the beer and whisky writer -- is someone Joshua and Jason never had the good fortune of meeting despite Michael having been a driving force in both their whisky journeys.

As a driving force in their journeys, as you might imagine, they would have *loads* of questions for him. Sadly Michael passed away before either of the Js could ever meet him. The next best thing? Find more out about the man through his partner of many years, Carolyn Smagalski (aka The Beer Fox), and his dear friends Dave Broom and Hans Offringa.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 2 -- 10 March, 2021

Nick Ravenhall, Managing Director, Holyrood DIstillery

An absolutely remarkable and open conversation with Nick Ravenhall, Managing Director of Holyrood Distillery in Edinburgh. Put 2hrs and 17min aside for a little alone time and enjoy...

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 5, Ep 1 -- 24 February, 2021

Bill Lumsden of Ardbeg and Glenmorangie

How do you ensure Season Five of One Nation Under Whisky kicks off with a bang? You book Dr. Bill Lumsden -- that's what you do.

How do you let your listeners know that there's a good chance there will be other great episodes? You get Dr. Bill Lumsden to suggest he come back on the podcast for a part 2, too. Watch this space for that. However, until then, we hope you enjoy our conversation with Dr. Bill Lumsden: Part 1.

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