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What is One Nation Under Whisky Podcast?

One Nation Under Whisky Podcast is your audio source for all things related to Single Cask Nation, Whisky Jewbilee, and WhiskyGeek Tours. Also, dick jokes.

Our Story

Our Story

Back in 2011 we started an Independent Bottling company called Single Cask Nation. One year later, we launched a whisky festival called Whisky Jewbilee - a festival by and for whisky geeks/nerds/lovers which is in three cities: New York, Chicago, and Seattle. Unable to leave well enough alone, we launched a tour company called WhiskyGeek Tours.

Meet the guys behind the podcast

Because running an Independent Bottling company, Whisky Tours of Scotland company, and Whisky festival in three cities wasn't enough, these two jokers decided to start a podcast. Dafties.

Joshua Hatton One Nation Under Whisky

Joshua Hatton

President & CEO

Not a Scotsman from Connecticut who continues to call the US his home

Jason Johnstone-Yellin One Nation Under Whisky

Jason Johnstone-Yellin

COO & Vice President

A Scotsman from Ayrshire who calls the US his home

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