One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 21 -- 5 Dec, 2018

Live in Chicago with Ardbeg's Distillery Manager Mickey Heads and Gene Charness of Warehouse Liquors

Joshua and Jason have finally discovered why they run a podcast -- to meet and talk to super cool people like Ardbeg's very own Distiller Manager, Mickey Heads! What's more is their good friend, Gene Charness, owner of Chicago's Warehouse Liquors, not only hosted the live podcast at his shop but joined in on the conversation, too.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 20

Two broken men recap Whisky Jewbilee Chicago and announce some very important news

Joshua and Jason have been running Whisky Jewbilee across 3 major US cities for the past 7 years. Listen in as the boys do a post mortem of the 2018 Chicago event, reminisce about the good times and bad times over the past 7 years, and share the news of the event itself being mothballed for the foreseeable future. Gosh, that sounds more depressing than it actually is because the reasons for mothballing the event are positive, to be sure. Also, we promise there is some laughter to be had throughout the episode!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 19

Deep dive into brewing, distilling, and maturation with Jason Parker of Copperworks Distilling Co.

It seems every time we visit with a Seattle distillery we get into the geekiest of conversations. The result from our last trip to Seattle proves this statement -- Get ready for a deep dive into brewing, distilling, and whisky maturation Copperworks Distilling company's very own Co-Founder and President, Jason Parker.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 18

Talking with Dr. Sam Simmons of That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Dr. Sam Simmons, having been the Global Brand Ambassador for The Balvenie for close to 10 years, has easily one of the most recognizable faces in the world of whisky. Having given up that position to start a new whisky life with Atom Brands as their Head of Whisky (now, that's a job title, nu?), Sam finds himself with a fun new challenge on his hands -- a challenge he's up to taking head on.

Note: Listeners with ears may or may not enjoy the AC/DC sing-along at the end of the podcast.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 17

Talking with The Whisky Exchange's very own Billy Abbott

When you've got the chance to interview the inimitable Billy Abbott from The Whisky Exchange fame you jump at it! That is of course if unless you're Joshua Hatton then you miss the opportunity altogether but revive that chance one year later. Now in his 2nd year of drinking at Maltstock with Billy Abbott, Joshua has made sure to carve time out to get Billy on wax to talk about what got him (Billy) into whisky, selecting casks for The Whisky Exchange (blindly), issues with shipping to the US and other pain in the butt countries, and what it's like being the voicebox of The Whisky Exchange.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 16

Charlie MacLean and Alex Bruce of Adelphi and Ardnamurchan Distillery

There are a handful of people whom Joshua and Jason file into the "whisky god" column; these men and women of such great whisky renown that their faces and names are unavoidable. The great Charlie MacLean falls into this category and Alex Bruce is surely inching his way into this category, too.

The boys discuss what the individual spark was that got Charlie & Alex into the whisky industry. Also discussed are the histories of Adelphi Selections and Ardnamurchan Distillery.

No episode is complete, either, without the boys answering an email or two and discussing the weeks' news which, this time around, is focused on a surprise release of a 10yr 9mos old Single Cask Nation Wild Turkey bottling!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 15

Penderyn Single Malt Welsh Whisky

Penderyn distillery, located in the great country of Wales, has been producing single malts since 1999. The brand has relaunched in the US and the boys have a sit down with Jon Tregenna and Rob Weller of the distillery to get an understanding of what Penderyn is producing and how they're doing it all. From unique stills to an all-female distilling and blending team, Penderyn is making whisky unlike any other in the wide world of distilling, and damn are they doing a great job of it!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 14

Selecting casks with Wild Turkey's very own Bruce Russell

While taking Joshua and Jason through Warehouse A to pick some casks for Single Cask Nation (and casks they do pick! two of them to be specific), Bruce talks to the boys about his family (and not just his dad and granddad), learning to write tasting notes with his dad, Jimmy Russell's palate, his own hatred for the word "smooth" (we KNEW he was a good lad!), and Bruce answers, too, questions from Facebook.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 13

Four roses master distiller, Brent Elliott

It's not every day you get to sit down with a master distiller, especially not the master distiller of the wonderful Four Roses Bourbon distillery. While with Brent Elliott, Joshua and Jason were sure to discuss the nitty gritty of what goes in to making Four Roses taste like Four Roses; mashbills, yeast, fermentation, distillation, maturation, blending, and, of course, Karaoke.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 12

Talking Rye Whisky with Becky & Scott Harris of Catoctin Creek

Rye whisky has made, and continues to make, a huge come back in the US. One of America's first spirits, rye whisky is made throughout the country. Few, however, produce a 100% rye whisky, and that's where Catoctin Creek comes in. Listen in as Becky and Scott Harris discuss their processes, the wood experiments (that sounds naughty), and as they talk, too, about the ongoing tariffs and trade war that may or may not affect, not just American whisk(e)y sales into the EU (a burgeoning business for many American whisk(e)y producers), but the distilleries and families that work at these distilleries.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 11

Live Podcast @ Whisky Jewbilee NYC with the Great Islay Swimmers and Simon Brooking

Our second live podcast recording! This time around we're in New York City at the 7th annual Whisky Jewbilee. The boys, in front of an audience of 40 people, have a conversation with Justin Fornal and Chad Anderson (two of the three swimmers of The Great Islay Swim), and Simon Brooking (remember him from Season 2, Episode 7?) of Beam Suntory. The topic? Well, if you must know, The Great Islay Swim and the bottling Single Cask Nation is releasing to commemorate the swim!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 10

A talk with Ollie Chilton of Elixir Distillers regarding blending and so much more...

It's amazing to think that Joshua and Jason, being so far along in this podcasting journey, have not done much to broach the subject of blending. Well, all that changes as of today, good listener!

The boys have a fun mobile studio recording event with the one and only Ollie Chilton of Elixir Distillers. (Yes, they interviewed Ollie while driving. No, it wasn't very smart.) Together the boys tackle the subject of blending as well as what it takes to open a new distillery on Islay, something which is currently in the works for Elixir Distillers.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 9

Whisky Jewbilee NYC Post Mortem and final details of our Hello From The Magic Tavern Whisky collaboration

Look at us surviving yet another, our 7th annual, Whisky Jewbilee NYC! What better way to put the event behind us than to discuss it here on One Nation Under Whisky? Not sure that's how it all works but we had fun rehashing the events of the evening.

Add to this is that full and final details on the Single Cask Nation / Hello From the Magic Tavern "Stones of Stenness" whisky collaboration are revealed. You will not want to miss this episode!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 8

Learning about Mezcal from Arik Torren of Fidencio

It may be fair to say that Joshua and Jason know their way around whisky be it Scotch, American, or otherwise. When it comes to mezcal, well, it's no secret that they, like many people, could use a primer, a 101, if you will, in agave spirits.

Joshua flew down to Oaxaca to meet with Arik Torren of Fidencio spirits and Enrique Jiménez of Del Amigo distillery to learn from the masters.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 7

A talk with the one and only simon brooking

There are a handful of people in the whisky world that not only become the face of brand(s) they represent but become the face of the industry as a whole. Simon Brooking is one of these good people.

When it comes to his own brands; Ardmore, Auchentoshen, Bowmore, Glen Garioch, and Laphroaig, well, one can not think of the brand without Simon's face coming to their mind.

For us, we can't think of the whisky industry without Simon being a part of that mental picture. We had a great conversation with Simon Brooking and we want to share it with you, the listener.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 6

Adal Rifai from Hello From The Magic Tavern, talking comedy & whisky

It's not often one of your comedy heroes agrees to be interviewed. It's also a rare thing that he and his cohorts (Arnie Niekamp, aka Arnie Niekamp & Matt Young, aka Usidore the Blue) would be willing to agree to a collaborative bottling!

Listen in as Joshua and Jason talk comedy and whisky with the one and only Adal Rifai (aka Chuntttttt the talking badger/shape-shifter) from the one and only Hello From The Magic Tavern podcast.

Also revealed are the details of our collaborative bottling with Hello From The Magic Tavern - "Stones of Stenness" 13yo PX sherry cask, distilled at an Orkney distillery and bottled exclusively for The Vermillion Minotaur (the fictitious bar located in the fantastical, magical world of Foon).

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 5

Catching up, checking emails, and delivering fun news

Sometimes you get so caught up in work and in life that you forget how long it's been since you've had a nice talk with your best friend. Today, Joshua and Jason sit down to catch up a bit and have a wee whisky talk. The hosts also read some emails and deliver some fun news to you, the listener.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 4

Our first Live Podcast!

Seriously, it doesn't get much geekier than this. Listen in as Joshua and Jason discuss the art and science behind fermenting/brewing, distilling, wine making, casks, the importance of water, beer terroir, and hyper terroir as it pertains to grapes, peat, water, oak, and also, barley. And to think, all of this was done in front of a live audience at Westland distillery!

The players: Matt Hofmann (Westland Distillery), Matt "Skinny" Roberts (Black Raven Brewing), Nick Heppenstall (Odin Brewing), Steve Griessel (Betz Family Winery), Joshua and Jason (duh!)

Special thanks to Westland Distillery for hosting our live event at their distillery. Thanks, too, to the panelist, and to the good people that came out on March 14, 2018 to come watch us do geeky podcasting live.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 3.5

westland distillery fools us, yet again!

Red Slap, Green Grip, and Blue Buzz: the latest "gotcha" from Seattle's own Westland Distillery.  Listen in as Joshua and Jason have a sit down with Matt Hofmann and Steve Hawley of Westland (and their good friend SwedeScot) to discuss 2018's April Fools joke!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 3

Whisky jewbilee seattle 2018 recap

Yet another Whisky Jewbilee festival under our belts! This time around it's our 3rd anniversary event in Seattle. In addition to interviewing key folks from San Diego Distillery and The Glenlivet, Jason and Joshua do a post mortem on the event and reveal some great news items!

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 2

David Stirk of Exclusive Malts Returns!

Season 2, Episode 2... perhaps our whisky-geekiest episode yet! Joshua and Jason sat down for a little over an hour with David Stirk to talk about [the evils of] caramel coloring; selecting casks; the potential for a whisky bust; and even a few good dick jokes. David Stirk also goes into detail as to how casks get into the blending and brokering system. Laughter and geeky conversation was had. We trust you'll enjoy this conversation as much as Joshua and Jason did.

One Nation Under Whisky

Season 2, Ep 1

Glen Moray and the magic thereof

On our Season 2 opener we welcome Graham Coull, Distillery Manager, and Iain Allan, Visitor Centre manager, of the wonderful Glen Moray distillery. Among a good many things discussed, Graham talks about how growing sales can and do affect your warehousing space (and how to account for that), and Iain talks to us a bit about why Glen Moray is so damn good matured in ex-port casks. The misconceptions part at the end will give you a good chuckle, too.

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 27

MailBag Episode

Joshua and Jason put forth a challenge to you, the listener(s). They asked "please send in a question for a future episode and we'll see what we can do about answering said question". You, dear listener(s), rose to the challenge in a most wonderful way. You've peppered the boys with more questions than they ever expected. So many, in fact, that not all could be covered in under 2 hours. Heck, not all would have been covered in 4 hours. Still, we hope you enjoy this, our longest episode to date, at 2hrs and 10min. Thanks for being devoted listeners!

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 26

Iain McAlister of glen scotia

When driving 'round Scotland on your way to Campbeltown what would you do to pass the time? Why, record a podcast that's what!

And if that weren't enough fun, you can do what Joshua and Jason did and stop at Glen Scotia distillery to have a chat and cask selection with their wonderful distillery manager, Iain McAlister. Amazing management, fermenting, distilling, and cask maturation skills aside, Iain is one of the finer gents you'll ever meet and the boys had a great time getting geeky with him.

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 25

Zack Pilgrim of Balcones and 'murrican single malt

How better to get an insight into Balcones single malt whisky than to talk to one of the distillery's own distillers: Zack Pilgrim? During 2017's Whisky Jewbilee week in Chicago, Joshua spoke with Zack at an American Single Malt Commission event at Warehouse Liquors about Balcones, their processes, and whiskies. Insight was gathered and is now shared. During this episode, you'll also get to hear Joshua and Jason talk about the potential future of the definition of American Single Malt. The conversation is full of wonderful assumptions and conjecture!

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 24

Two Thousand Seventeen --        a year in review

You know the Joshua and Jason like to "back it up" a little bit, right? What better way to kick off the new year than to look back at the highlights of the previous year? Listen in as the boys discuss their favorite podcasting moments of 2017. Add to this, the boys will take you through the cask selection process for two new whiskies set be to released in early 2018. And if that weren't enough, Joshua and Jason share with you their favorite whiskies tasted in 2017.

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 23

A sit down with whisky writer Hans Offringa

During his time at Maltstock in The Netherlands Joshua had a nice little sit down with world renown whisky writer, the one and only, Mr. Hans Offringa. Aside from a long conversation about Frank Zappa, the two gents discussed whisky, food, writing, whisky writers, beer, and much, much more. Joshua and Jason then tease out that conversation a bit for you, too. You will not want to miss this episode - the final one for 2017!

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 22

Eddie Russell # 2 - return of a true Kentucky Gentleman

Spending 3.5 to 4 hours with Eddie Russell, drinking bourbon, selecting casks, and sitting down for a long format interview? It's not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon! During their conversation Eddie talks about designing special releases, his love for Wild Turkey "Cheesy Gold Foil," and the passing of the Wild Turkey familial heritage torch from his dad, to him, and down to his son, Bruce. All this conversation was had over a glass of 1977 8yo 101 bourbon. Again, not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon!

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 21

Whisky Jewbilee Chicago 2017 Post Mortem

Whisky Jewbilee Chicago 2017 is now at a close and the boys discuss its many successes. Aside from talking to one another, featured in this episode are interviews with Chris Riesbeck of Westland, Allison Parc of Brenne, Steven Randals of Hyde Irish WhiskEy, some fine Jewbilee attendees, and we hear from Steph Ridgeway and Malcolm Waring of Old Pulteney.

After coming off the high that was Whisky Jewbile Chicago 2017, we can't wait for our Seattle Jewbilee on March 15, 2018 - we hope you'll join us!

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 20

Talking Whisky and Comics w/ Garth Ennis

It's not every day that one gets to interview one of their heroes. However, that day did happen and you get to hear the results. Garth Ennis, creator of Preacher (now a smash hit TV show on AMC), The Boys, Crossed, Hitman, and more, and also seasoned writer for The Punisher, Judge Dredd, Hellblazer, and so many others, joins Joshua and Jason today to discuss the aforementioned 30 year career writing comics but also the boys find a deep connection between comics and whisky.

Tune in to find out what that connection may be!

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 19

Chris Maybin of Port Askaig

If you've not heard the name Chris Maybin before, mayhaps it's time get acquainted with the chap. Starting off his whisky career with the launch of Compass Box years ago, Chris' latest endeavor is with Elixir Distillers who are the good people behind Elements of Islay, Single Malts of Scotland, and having more to do with this episode, Port Askaig. Listen in as the boys discuss Port Askaig's wonderful peated whiskies as well as fancy socks, and #MAGA.

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 18

Whisky Selling Masterclass w/ Robin Robinson

Nearly everyone in the whisky industry is, as we like to say, worth their weight in whisky. It really is an industry full of mensches. Within this community there are a few people that stand out from the crowd and really make an impact, not just on consumers, but on or in every tier of the whisky-selling world. Robin Robinson is one of these people. A man among men, and a teacher unlike any other in the whisky world. It was an honor to sit down and learn from him.

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 17

Caol Ila, Jim McEwan, Ardnahoe, and an Ardbegian celebration!

As if special/personalized treatment at Caol Ila wasn't cool enough, just a few miles away, Jim McEwan sets aside some time for us to show us the Ardnahoe Distillery site, and gives us an amazing tasting (thanks be to the wonderful Bryony Boyd for the hook up), and provides us with an interesting take on misconceptions.

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 16

A tour of Springbank, Glengyle, and the Cadenheads warehouse

After a few days on Islay, Joshua and Jason take their tour guests to Campbeltown for an epic, yes you read that correctly, an EPIC time on Campbeltown with Mark Watt (Cadenheads), Ranald Watson (Springbank), and Cameron McGreachy (Cadenheads).

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 15.5

After Lagavulin and Kilchoman comes a tour of BRUICHLADDICH!

You, dear listener, may remember in last week's episode that we mentioned the 2nd half of episode 15 would be posted in one week? When we make a promise, we keep that aforementioned promise!

Today we take a tour of Bruichladdich distillery with Raymond Tibbs, share the details of a VERY exciting new Single Cask Nation release, and, Joshua and Jason get a little emotional...

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 15


We're finally on Islay, good people! And guess what? We spent so much time on Islay, and at great distilleries, and with wonderful distillery people, that we have to split the episodes up a bit. On today's episode you'll enjoy hearing, well, mostly from Joshua and Jason, but also from their good friends: The Islay Swimmers, Iain McArthur, aka "Pinky," from Lagavulin distillery, and James Wills of Kilchoman makes a bit of a return, too!

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 14

Islay Bound! But first, a stop at the West Coast Whisky Feis

Happy to have Jason back from his million day trip to Scotland, Joshua, and the aforementioned Scot, discuss the very start of their Islay Tour/Great Islay Swim adventure!

You see, there are some movies that have a great prequel. It's true! This is our prequel to our Islay trip and the discovery of the inaugural West Coast Whisky Feis in Oban, Scotland. We talk with Chris Hoban of Raasay Distillery, Ricky Clark of Ardnamurchan, and James Galbraith (one of the organizers of the West Coast Whisky Feis).

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 13

Selecting Casks with Single Cask Nation

A slightly irregular episode: Joshua finds himself all alone as Jason remains in Scotland to spend time with his family. What does Joshua do when left to his own devices? Release some audio from a cask selection session that he and Jason recorded back in April.

You, dear lucky listener, get a peek behind the curtain into Joshua and Jason's cask selection process. Also, newsflash, John Glenn did not walk on the moon.

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 12

Who in their right mind would try to swim around Islay?!

What do you get when you mix two guys from the world famous Explorer's Club, a love for Scotland, and Islay, and whisky? A crazy idea to swim around the island of Islay, that's what! Too often pronounced as "Iss-lay," or "Eye-Lay," Scotland's wonderful whisky island, Islay (actually pronounced "Eye-Lah"), is about to have two crazy American adventure swimmers give it a big 'ol swimmy hug!

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 11

Spending time with James Wills of Islay's Farm Distillery: Kilchoman

Listen in as Joshua has a conversation with Kilchoman's very own James Wills. The conversation is great, the boys get nerdy over Kilchoman's process. They discuss how supply chains can be established and held through a gentlemens' agreement, and both of them enjoy a small-child sized, 12 egg omelet.

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 10

Whisky Jewbilee NYC 2017 wrap-up & interviews

Listen in as Joshua and Jason do a postmortem of Whisky Jewbilee NYC 2017. And, so as not to bore you with their constant blathering on, they've included some really interesting interviews from the Jewbilee: you'll get to hear from the likes of Ajay Bhoja (Paul John - John Distillery), David McNicoll (Brockman's Gin), Chad Robinson (Catoctin Creek), Ben Paluba (Beastmaster's Club), and more!

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 9

Getting geeky w/ Matt Hofmann of Westland distillery

Getting your whisk(e)y geek on can be a ton of fun. Joshua and Jason are not quite sure it gets any more fun or geeky than a good conversation with Matt Hofmann of Westland Distillery. Whisk(e)y geekery to the side, Matt has more passion in him than most and more talent than you can shake a stick at. He's good people. Also, it's his birthday today - happy birthday, Matt!

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 8

Talking bourbon with denny potter of Heaven Hill

And on the eight episode, Joshua and Jason have a delightful and informative conversation with Heaven Hill Distilleries' own VP of Operations, Mr. Denny Potter...

Denny Potter is an absolutely fascinating gent who had a lot of knowledge to share with the boys. Joshua and Jason sure learned (or learnt, as Jason would say) a lot from Mr. Potter, and the boys share this knowledge with you, the listener.

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 7

Whisky-life Origins with Lukasz dynowiak

Now seven episodes in, Joshua and Jason realize that they've never shared their whisky origin story with you. In speaking with Lukasz Dynowiak of Old Pulteney, Balblair, anCnoc, and Speyburn, the boys are reminded that their whisky origin story is not too far off from Lukasz'.

**Spoiler alert** No one is bit by a spider or has crash landed here from their home planet of Krypton, however, all three of these gentlemen were bitten by the whisky bug!

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 6

Richard Urquhart of Gordon & MacPhail

Richard Urquhart is a 4th generation Urquhart in the Gordon & MacPhail company. Gordon & MacPhail, whose products are ubiquitous when it comes to a good whisky shop's shelves, is perhaps the most iconic Scottish independent bottler in business today. Together, with the help of Richard Urquhart, Joshua and Jason solve the world's problems and lay out plans for world peace.

Well, maybe not. However, the conversation is great, and we get to learn all about Gordon & MacPhail straight from one of the founding family's members!

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 5

Picking barrels with Eddie Russell of Wild Turkey

Joshua and Jason find themselves in the company of the one and only Eddie Russell of Wild Turkey Fame. Eddie, now 36 years into his life with the distillery, spent a disproportionate amount of his time with the Joshua and Jason (more time than they could have hoped for). Together the boys selected two casks of Wild Turkey Bourbon for Single Cask Nation and have a great in-depth conversation with Eddie.

Have a seat, have a pour, and listen in. Unless you're driving. If you're driving, be smart and stay sober but be sure to listen into the conversation!

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 4.5

Post April Fools Day with Westland Distillery

Episode 4.5 of One Nation Under Whisky podcast is here! Who knew there'd be a partial and surprise episode on April 2, 2017? Well, we did, that's who. Bucking this new trend of releasing an episode every other Wednesday, we just *had* to clue you in on a portion of our conversation with Matt Hofmann (Master Distiller) and Steve Hawley (Maniacal Marketing Marauder) from Westland Distillery. That portion? Boldsmooth, the latest innovation in whisky ridiculous tomfoolery!

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 4

Mark Watt, General Manager of Wm Cadenhead’s

The boys discuss how to manage 30+ whisky markets. Jason is told he asked a great question (and Mark was NOT paid to tell him that, promise). Mark tells the boys all about a 50+ year old Jamaican rum that's been in their warehouse and why it's not yet been bottled, and Mark brings up a *great* misconception! Sure, more is discussed but wouldn't it be better to hear all about it rather than read all about it?

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 3

Post Whisky Jewbilee Seattle and a few interviews

Now with an established release schedule in place, every other Wednesday, Joshua and Jason discuss the 2nd annual Whisky Jewbilee Seattle and have conversations with; Matt Hofmann (Westland Distillery, Master Distiller), Jessica Lomas (Scotch Whisky Auctions, Queen of the Boxes), and Jeff Kanof (Copperworks Distilling Company, Vice President).

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 2

Interview with Bryan Davis of Lost Spirits Distillery

In our second episode of One Nation Under Whisky, Joshua and Jason get a little long in the tooth as they have a fine discussion about some serious whisky and rum geekery! The boys also discuss some misconceptions around age and are excited to share details regarding a July 2017 Islay tour that WhiskyGeek Tours is putting together in conjunction with The Explorer's Club and National Geographic.

One Nation Under Whisky Ep 1

Podcast Launch & David Stirk Interview

Want to know what to expect from One Nation Under Whisky Podcast? Have a listen. Also, we sit down for a nice talk with David Stirk of Creative Whisky Company (bottler of The Exclusive Malts). We also discuss news, whisky misconceptions... a whole lotta stuff.